This is a minimum charge required in all cases for the use of our facilities including: parking area, areas open to the public within the funeral home, our arrangement office, casket display room and other facilities and equipment required to operate as a licensed funeral home.

*Room for Basic Preparation/Embalming and/or Shelter Remains
This applies whenever the body is in our facility for any purpose.  It includes use of all necessary equipment for supervision and professional or sanitary care of the remains in a room specifically for this purpose.

Initial Period of Visitation
This includes use of our designated facilities (up to 3 hours in total length, afternoon/evening or any part thereof) for family gathering or for the reception of friends and relatives.  It may include any or all of the following:  register desk, casket bier, flower and donation stands, standard audio/video system, and religious equipment. Requires Staff for 1 Day of Gathering or Visiting.

Each Subsequent Period of Visitation
This includes all of the items listed in the description for an Initial Period of Visiting and is charged on a per diem basis. It applies to any family gathering or for the reception of friends and relatives for each subsequent period of use after the initial period of visiting. 

Ceremony Day
This includes the use of our designated facilities, furnishings and equipment the day of the ceremony or the use of equipment for an off-premise ceremony, such as your church or home.  This may include any or all of the following: lectern, organ, standard A/V equipment, religious equipment, flower and donation card display stands, casket bier, photo boards and easels, etc.  Requires Staff for Ceremony Day or Direction of Ceremony in Facility Other Than Funeral Home.

Custodial Care
May be charged after the remains have been sheltered for a period of 48 hours.  This is a per diem charge.

Custodial Care - Cremated Remains
The funeral home will hold the cremated remains for a period of 30 days at no charge.  If the cremated remains are not claimed in the first 30 days, the Purchaser will pay a monthly custodial care – cremated remains fee of $50.00 per month to be billed on the first day of each month until the date the Purchaser takes possession of the cremated remains. The Funeral Home will retain the cremated remains for a period up to 1 year from the date of the cremation. If the cremated remains are not claimed by the Purchaser within 1 year, the Funeral Home may inter the cremated remains in a cemetery, including in a common lot for which the cemetery is the interment rights holder, and the Funeral Home will bill the family the cost of the interment and storage fees listed above.