Photo Gallery

2020 Holiday Memorial Celebration  
Wawanosh Wetlands 
McKenzie & Blundy Memorial Forest 

​The memorial forest at Wawanosh Wetlands Conservation area was McKenzie & Blundy's first memorial forest. We began planting trees there in 1988. This is also the home to our annual Dedication service, held the 3rd Sunday of September.

Perch Creek Habitat Management Area
McKenzie & Blundy Memorial Forest

The memorial forest at Perch Creek Conservation Area is McKenzie & Blundy's second memorial forest. We began planting trees at Perch Creek in 2000 and where we continue to plant trees in memory of loved ones.

Lest They Be Forgotten Canada

Lest They Be Forgotten Canada is a film by Larry Cappetto that honours the sacrifices and courage of those who have served and continue to serve our country. Thank you to everyone who came to the premier on November 11, 2007 to celebrate with us.