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Good afternoon, I was recently in your funeral home attending the service for Mr. Clayton Mootrey. I just wanted to take a moment to reach out and commend your team. The staff that were there on Wednesday were very welcoming and helpful. Your facility is lovely and bright which you often don't find in a funeral home. It was warm and welcoming making it feel more like being at home and not somewhere to say goodbye. Being an associate to another funeral home it is often hard at times to not look at things and compare, your establishment made it easy to say "You ROCKED it!!" Caring and compassionate staff make the building and business what it is and clearly is the reason clients return again and again. From the bottom of my heart my husband thanks you for the care you gave his uncle. He looked peaceful and just like pictures. Thank you for all the work that you do for your community.  NB

I can't begin to say enough about Katherine and all the staff of McKenzie Blundy Funeral Home. From the moment I entrusted them with my late husband's funeral until this day, they have been nothing less than the most caring, compassionate, professional group of individuals that I have ever met.
Katherine and her staff went above and beyond my expectations to make sure that all our requests were met and guided us throughout the whole process with no detail overlooked.
But what I value most is the aftercare my children and I received. 
Till this day there is never a moment that they're not offering emotional support and are always genuinely concerned how everyone is coping with the loss.
I believe that they are not just a funeral home.....they are family.

Marina Rondinelli and Family

We would like to thank you for the outstanding services that you have provided to our family over the last month since Norm's passing. You have gone above and beyond providing us with comfort and care, as well as looking after so many details that we were not emotionally able to handle. 
On our first initial meeting with you ,we were feeling so overwhelmed with the stressful decisions we had ahead of us. You're compassion, kindness, along with your wealth of knowledge in guiding our family with your expertise was so greatly appreciated. You exceeded our expectations.
There were no details overlooked. The Funeral Home itself was very clean and welcoming. Our whole family was provided with lovely angel pins as we first arrived at the Service. The staff graciously greeted all family, friends and visitors. A separate room full of activities was also accessible for the children. 
Thank you for taking the children under your wing and preparing them to view their Papa for the first time. 
Thank you for heart felt phone calls, your visits, your willingness to be available at all times to answer any of our questions, your personal touches, your flexibility in service arrangements and most of all, your patience with our grieving family. 
We are very pleased with the privileges of your services and will recommend McKenzie and Blundy Funeral Home to all who will listen.

The Munro Family
Theresa, Rodney and Candice

Too many times in these days people complain about anything and everything.

Today I would like to take the time to compliment an employee of yours, Dale Patterson.

Our mother, Genevieve Cox, passed away on Feb. 28, 2011 at Vision Nursing Home.  A few days beforehand, I called a few funeral homes, and when I spoke to Dale he was the only one who was warm, helpful and informative.  I felt he was more interested in people than in making money.  He helped us through difficult arrangements and relieved us of the burden of worry.
He understood our humour and our grief.
Thanks to Dale both of our parents are interred together at Resurrection Mausoleum.  What a wonderful representative for your company.
I just wanted to let you now how very satisfied we were with our dealings with McKenzie Blundy.

Sincerely, Frances Frauley (The Cox Family)

To all of you wonderful people,
I know you get a lot of thank you notes and wonderful compliments from families that you have attended to their loved one's needs.
And well you should. Over the years you have served our family's needs both the Riopelle's & Champagne's and my grandparents, uncles, aunts etc... and we have done so for a reason, or many reasons actually.
You are not only very competent, accommodating professionals but genuinely  very nice people to deal with. You seem to care.
So on behalf of myself and my spouse as well as my sister Louise Jacques and her husband Luc and brother Gerry and his spouse Betty we thank you dearly.
But also from other relatives and family friends who felt that my mom's send off was wonderful, we thank you again.
You are an amazing group of professionals in every sense.
Best Regards
Normand & Suzanne Riopelle
Gerald & Betty Riopelle
Louise & Luc Jacques

McKenzie & Blundy Funeral Home has been caring for our family members for many years as you say, - before, during and after death. Our most recent experience was the death of my mother. We had discussed and made plans for this previously, but discussions and reality are very different things.  My mother was 95 when she died, a wonderful loving person who deserved the best in life and in death. Walking into McKenzie & Blundy to make the final preparations and arrange the funeral was difficult, - but the warmth, support and compassion received from the staff was excellent. Nothing was too much trouble, and everything was taken care of in such a respectful and dignified manner.  You are all exceptional people, thank you so much for helping us through a very difficult time.

Vicki Donohue

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your expertise and guidance given to our family while preparing for Terry's funeral arrangements.
During this time it is very difficult to focus and you were our clarity.
You were always ready to fulfill our needs and you prepared Terry to say his final farewell dressed like my knight in shining armour. His gentle spirit guided those around him and you captured the essence of him with the smile he wore and look of calm. We will be forever grateful to you for those final memories.
The short service with friends and family were just the way he wanted his final chapter to end. What a wonderful story.

Andy & Peg Holmes and Family

I would like to personally thank Dale and Katherine for their amazing service and support for my family following the death of my mother Betty Squire. Dale and Katherine were very patient and both gave us a tremendous amount of time and support. Katherine went above and beyond the call of duty, calling my father to see how he was doing and personally delivering materials.
I would enthusiastically recommend your services to all! It is a level of service and sincere concern that I have never before experienced and it is truly appreciated by my family.

Many thanks
Sharon Squire

I just want to say what a wonderful job the staff at McKenzie & Blundy did with Mathew Henne's visitation. It was obviously a hard time for the family, friends
and even for the staff. It's hard for anyone to say goodbye - but when the person is so young, it's that much harder.
The letters displayed from the students from London Road was great to see and read.
I want to let the staff know that I think the visitation was handled with class and care.

Melissa Chong

The best education I ever received was at the age of 15 when I began working at McKenzie and Blundy Funeral Home as a general assistant. This position was offered to me by Donald McKenzie, then president and founder of the funeral home. Don taught me the value of work well done, as well as many other life skills such as compassion, ambition, determination, and empathy for others.
I spent my days at McKenzie and Blundy washing cars, tending to the gardens, and painting the exterior of the home itself, which was built by Alexander Mackenzie, the second Prime Minister of Canada. Don and his son Grant, then Vice-President, were passionate about making their funeral home a place of comfort for those in a time of grief. That meant perfect lawns and gardens, comfortable furniture and surroundings, and immaculate cleanliness. It also meant showing heart felt sympathy and support for anyone, regardless of culture or faith, who turned to them for help at a difficult time of bereavement.
Over the years I stayed close to McKenzie and Blundy Funeral Home. Sometimes it was to attend a funeral of someone close to me. Sometimes it was in the capacity of a pallbearer for a grieving family I did not know personally. Regardless, it was always something very important to me deep inside; the recognition and celebration of a life lived, and expression of both gratitude for that life and grief in the loss we feel when someone dies and departs this life. It matters not if the deceased was five days old or 100 years young; it was a life lived and a life to be recognized and remembered. This is the education I received while washing cars and painting walls at McKenzie and Blundy Funeral Home.

Robert Haisman

Thank you Katherine and staff for making this sad time easier.

The things that you don't think of when dealing with a funeral were handled with professionalism and made easier to deal with. Finally, Dale thank you for making our Mom look like Mom.

The Rocca Family.

We lost our 35 year old son in a tragic accident, and experienced overwhelming difficulty in deciding what to do for his funeral.
We do not want to leave this burden to our children. Pre-arranging and pre-funding our own funerals will help ease the pain, with no arguing or hurt feelings. Our children now know what we want at McKenzie & Blundy.

Margret & Daniel Hartman

The McKenzie & Blundy Funeral Home has seen us through a very difficult time, once again with impeccable advice and gracious support and caring.

The Turner, Selassie, Mansell and Clement Families.

The service of the McKenzie & Blundy Funeral Home exceeded my greatest expectations when I needed them most. A team of dedicated professionals all showed caring, friendliness and the warm comfort of consolation and encouragement during the most difficult year of my life. The unexpected gestures of guidance and remembrance during that time made me feel that I shall indeed find peace and acceptance of my loss, and so to each of them I owe a great deal of gratitude and appreciation.

Jean Bennett

On behalf of the Hodgson family, we would like to thank you for all of your care, concern and support during our most difficult time.
The employees of McKenzie and Blundy Funeral Home are very knowledgeable, and they took the time needed to guide us through all the arrangements.
We found that all the staff went above and beyond in answering questions and making recommendations, making the difficult decisions we had to make a little easier.
McKenzie and Blundy offers many unique extra services, such as, an angel pin which was personally given to each family member in memory of our loved one, the on-line condolences for people out of town, the memorial tree planting service, the video tribute which provides us with a lasting memory of our loved one, and the after care where you meet one on one with a staff member who guides you through the process of filling out all the necessary paper work needed by different government agencies.

Again, thank you for all you did.

I was at McKenzie and Blundy Funeral Home Thursday, December 1st for the visitation of my grandmother, Maxine Bennett. I had my two children with me (ages 7 and 4). I just wanted to say how much I appreciated Katherine speaking with them. We also made good use of the children's room, and what a blessing it was to have that room available to us. It kept my children and my nephew busy and happy during the visitation. Thank you to all the staff there for making the day run smoothly. Everyone was so professional and courteous, and made a difficult day less stressful.


Regardless of how you choose to define your family unit, it must be the one that works best for you. As the saying goes, "Family is what you make it".  Whether this unit is made of blood relatives, friends, or pets, or a combination of all of these, your family can offer you the support you need to thrive and survive. It is for these very reasons alone that I will always consider the A+ service staff at McKenzie and Blundy Funeral Home as family.
I would and always will, recommend the McKenzie and Blundy Funeral Home to people in need. In my opinion, their style and level of support and care that they provided to my family and I throughout our time in need will never be forgotten and very much appreciated for a life time.

Rick LaBelle

Over the years, our family has always looked to McKenzie & Blundy to provide a meaningful and sensitive experience to assist us in saying goodbye to family members who have passed away; however this past year (2015), they were especially present in our lives. Beginning January 1, 2015 and ending on November 13, 2015, we lost four family members: both of our fathers; a sister and a beloved uncle. It seems that we barely recovered from one death, when we were faced immediately with another. It was a devastating time in our family’s lives; however the staff at McKenzie & Blundy assisted us greatly with their care and concern; sensitivity; and outstanding professionalism.
Every detail of each funeral was attended to with meticulous attention and there was never any sense of being rushed or feeling foolish in our requests. Katherine, Dale and the entire staff were available any time we sought their assistance and because both of our families were well known to them over the years, it seemed as though they truly walked with us on this journey of loss.
​The staff at McKenzie & Blundy Funeral Home will always have a very special place in our hearts for the love and dedication that they have shown to our family over the years. It is a pleasure to give tribute to them for all of their hard work and professionalism and to formally express our deep gratitude for all they have done, not only for our family, but also for the community in creating several beautiful and sustainable forests that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

James & Katherine Maczko (nee: Klauke)