This service includes, but is not limited to, staffing, cleaning and maintenance of the premises and grounds, office staff and telephone coverage.

*Initial Transfer
This service includes the staff required for the transfer of the remains of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home.  It may also include transportation of the remains from one place to another, using a service vehicle, for distances not exceeding 25 km from the Funeral Home.  Requires Service Vehicle/Facilities for Preparation/Embalming/Shelter Remains.

*Basic Preparation
This services may include, when necessary, bathing, dressing, cosmetology, hairdressing, placement of deceased in casket/container or may include sanitation and exterior disinfection of the body when no embalming is authorized and placement in casket/container. Requires Facilities for Preparation/Embalming/Shelter Remains.

Standard Embalming
Embalming is not a legal requirement within the Province of Ontario (although may be required by an independent shipping carrier. i.e. body is being shipped out-of-province).  Embalming is the process of replacing blood and bodily fluids with chemical preservatives.  It is a process of sanitation, restoration and temporary preservation. Some funeral arrangements, such as a funeral with viewing, the holding of a body for more than a limited time or other circumstances under which normal decomposition of the body would present us with a practical problem, requires embalming by funeral home policy in which case we will use our professional judgement to determine on a case-by-case basis whether embalming is recommended. Requires Basic Facilities/Preparation Facilities/Basic Preparations.

Removal & Disposal of Pacemaker
The surgical removal of a pacemaker is required prior to cremation.  This is a legal requirement by all crematoriums in Ontario.

Division of Cremated Remains
Professional services of a licensed funeral director to divide created remains as requested by a family.

Tissue and/or Organ Procurement Restoration
We commend the decision to donate the tissue and/or organs of the deceased.  Additional restorative services are required when this has occurred.  This is a labour intensive restorative process and requires additional material, equipment and professional services of the licenced funeral director.  Requires Standard Embalming.

Professional Restoration Services
In some circumstances, additional restorative efforts beyond those captured in the Standard Embalming and/or the Procurement Restoration procedures are necessary to enhance the appearance of the deceased.  In such cases, the funeral director will discuss the available options and cost with the family. 

Initial Period of Visiting
This service includes, but is not limited to: preparing for a family gathering or public visitation to be held in the afternoon/evening or any part thereof, staffing by our unlicensed funeral assistants during visitation, receiving and arranging floral tributes, coordinating donations and other duties associated with rites and services conducted during visitation.  Total of 3 hours of staff time.  1 hour of private family time is included at no extra charge.  Requires Facilities charges.

Each Subsequent Period of Visiting
This service includes all of the services itemized in the description for an Initial Period of Visiting and is charged on a per diem basis.  It applies to any family gathering or for the reception of friends and relatives for each subsequent period after the initial period of visiting.                                        

Ceremony Day
This service includes, but is not limited to: preparations for the ceremony, staff to direct and assist with the ceremony and up to four hours of staff services (afternoon/evening or any part thereof) for services taking place at the Funeral Home or another location (ie. Church).  This service would include receiving, arranging, and local delivery of flowers, coordinating donations, etc.  Requires Ceremony Day Facilities.  Offsite Ceremonies require transportation charges.

Additional Staff
Additional staff, as required, to accommodate special requests by family, technical assistance, reception staff or other requests not covered in standard staff services for the visitation, ceremony, interment and/or reception.