Bank Accounts

To avoid any complications, the bank should be notified immediately, and you should find out the procedures for releasing these funds, and how to set up a new account for funds received after the death.
If an account is jointly held, the balance goes to the other person named on the account.  It’s recommended that a joint account stay open for at least six months to allow you to deposit any cheques that are made out to the deceased.  To take a name off a joint bank account, banks require a Funeral Director's Proof of Death. 
If an account was held in the name of the deceased only, the funds are normally frozen until the will is probated.  Please note that funeral expenses and/or other reasonable expenses may be released before probate; speak with your banks account or estate manager for more information.
If the deceased had a safety deposit box in a bank, the contents can be sealed after death and a Certified Copy of a Death Certificate will be required to gain access to the contents.

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